[JYP EDM DAY] Every Dream Matters!
JYP EDM supports all dreams in the world.
We want to share EDM(JYP's CSR story) with everyone who loves JYP artists.
Every Dream Matters!
Together with you, we create a world that anyone can dream of.
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  • JYP Entertainment
    JYP Entertainment

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    • Dipti Patra
      Dipti Patra

      I am from India Can I became a k pop idol?

    • Sharon Urbina
      Sharon Urbina

      @ONCE FOREVER. Ok so, NO ONE IN THE WORLD IS PAYING ME TO SAY THE TRUTH so as i say before the art depend on the eyes that watch it, ok so now i want to ask yo some thing from where did the talent of his artist come from him bcause HE TEACH TO THEM DAH. you girl CANT APPRECIATE THE ART and im NOT joking if you dont appreciate it its not my problem but why if you hate JYP why you have ONCE FOREVER if TWICE is of JYP non sense the talent that twicw have is bcause of him it doesnt matter when he do it HE DO THE CHARITY did you know that the haters all the people that critice is bcause that they are jealuos also MOMO of twice say the same search it doesnt matter is you said no im not jealuos of him but.... YES you are.


      @Sharon Urbina lol i am jealous of him? Bahhahahahaahahahaha lmao nice joke Girl he's the worst how old r u who is paying u to act like he's not bad lol let's be honest he'd songs are trash it's a fact anf u know it and he's not helping people he'd last donation to a charity wad 2020 July 24. Search on youtube jyp is the worst and watch the video lol and your gonna be convinced he's the worst

    • Sharon Urbina
      Sharon Urbina

      @ONCE FOREVER. First he is A GREAT ARTIST BUT..... THE ART IS IN THE EYES OF THE PEOPLE THAT WATCH IT so yo dont have art if you said that he is trash that means that you are jealous of him bcause he is better than you and we can say that YOU ARE THE TRASH HERE for criticis him he is helping LOTS of people and he has LOTS of money too and imagine he is helping people and that means that he is a good person. He has preetty good artist yeah but that doesnt means that he is a bad one.

    • karen


  • Jusin002

    When you do things at out of the good of your heart, you learn how to bring the good of your heart to all things

  • 마술비

    환경운동 정말로 응원하고 실천합시다

  • 올어바웃

    박진영은 영어 가사로 댄스 곡을 만들어 발표하면 대박날 것, 디스코를 영어가사로 불렀으면 참 좋았을 것이라 생각한다.

  • Zainab Khamees
    Zainab Khamees

    Thanks for arabic trans

  • ArchAngel_of_Los_Angeles California
    ArchAngel_of_Los_Angeles California

    All victims even the past celebrities, idols and employees that suffered in-human contract and treatments of JYP should compensat the victims most specially that has permanent damages.

  • ArchAngel_of_Los_Angeles California
    ArchAngel_of_Los_Angeles California

    Another abused of JYP having minors to rehearse like in 3am or even past midnight without proper enough sleep causing minors be exhausted and in young age suffered Anxiety and resulted variety of Mental illness, some idols had permanent damage of JYP unhealthy manipulitative in-human contracts.

  • ArchAngel_of_Los_Angeles California
    ArchAngel_of_Los_Angeles California

    JYP had abused needs of Minors, forced Minors to rehearsed more than 3 hours and worst to rehearse more than 8 hours a day rather focusing on their studies and well being, forced idols to reside in a crowded dorm like in a tiny bedroom having 4-6 bedbunks. How many videos surfaced that JYP just allow minors to have un-nutritionist meal just Ramen only with high MSG and take note whatever minor had ate, they will owe JYP and will pay back JYP when they debut. JYP enforced the ideas that minors should live in a dorm and be taken away from the family to save the scandal and JYP intention is to manipulate and take advantage of desperate wannabe an Idol because of high competition and demands. One of the clause of JYP that I find in-human and against human rights are NOT allowing any Idols be in relationship at their own free will. It has proven that a lot of the victims had suffered Anxiety because of Communist style contract of JYP. This need to be stop.

  • ArchAngel_of_Los_Angeles California
    ArchAngel_of_Los_Angeles California

    JYP Enterprise is an abusive company towards it's employee and contractors. JYPE should pay all victims of the caused. JYP CEO should resign. Fans needs to boycott all products of JYPE they dont treat any idols fairly in this industry.

  • •チョ厶プ-CHOMPU


  • Vita Elmy
    Vita Elmy

    Thank you JYPE, thank you PD-nim 💙

  • Lian Ahn
    Lian Ahn

    박진영 님을 좋아하고 존경하는 이유가 바로 이런 거 같아요. ,,,,항상 생각하지만 적어도 제가 아는 아티스트 중에서 가장 섹시하고 멋진 ,,, 또 존경스런 분인 것 같아요^^. 그리고 항상 박진영 님의 다음 작품에 대해 기다려지는 것 같아요. ,,, 박진영 님의 생각과 신념 이런 거에 대해 좀 더 이해할 수 있는 영상인듯 싶어요. 'JYP' 님은 진정 사랑입니다.

  • Ohagi azuki
    Ohagi azuki

    How is he so amazing all the time... I really respect how JYP lives for others and his kindness. He’s just an real man to be inspired from.

  • Rhei Anne Charish Garidan
    Rhei Anne Charish Garidan


  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition Please

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition please

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Kim Rosean
    Kim Rosean

    Come to Turkey for audition

  • Vee

    I will always be proud to wave my blue flag that is JYP Nation. 💙

  • Lesly

    sana beauty

  • Ash OnCe Me
    Ash OnCe Me


  • Christly Pearl Ramos
    Christly Pearl Ramos


  • 행운이

    JYP주주로써 항상 응원합니다


    5:17 Whatttttt? 💗😭

  • Rodrigo CECYTEM
    Rodrigo CECYTEM


  • Chuu GH
    Chuu GH

    No lo puedo creer, fue muy interesante y realmente se ve que JYP le da apoyo a los demás, tan solo con la primera carta comencé a llorar, y cuando WOOYOUNG leyó la parte donde JYPEnt. ayudo con sus gastos, realmente fue un milagro para esa persona, tan orgulloso de la JYPEnt. La mejor agencia d entreteniendo en Corea ❤️❤️❤️

  • 초이삭

    박진영님 복음을받은자로서 가수 휘성을 돌아봐줬으면합니다 주님이 우리를 긍휼이 여기듯이 분명히 긍휼히 여길것입니다 ^^

  • b q
    b q

    I sometimes wonder, why JYP is a "singer/dancer" 🤠🤔

  • DylanSIMOG TG
    DylanSIMOG TG

    Sana es un angel

  • Unggul Indah Afifatur Rodliyah
    Unggul Indah Afifatur Rodliyah


  • karen


  • JH AHN
    JH AHN

    jyp에서 훌륭한 활동들을 하니 타의 모범이 될 수밖에 없는 것 같습니다. 저는 jyp아티스트들이 병원에서 소규모 콘서트를 하며 환자복을 입은 친구들에게 행복을 줬다는것이 가장 인상깊었습니다. 아시다싶이 병원은 활력소가 거의 없습니다ㅜ 하루종일 병실에 있을 뿐만 아니라 몸이 아파서 잘 움직이지도 못하구ㅜ.. 그런데 jyp아티스트들이 이런 병원에 와서 친구들에게 행복을 준다는건 저로서는 고통스러운 병원생활을 이겨내는 큰 활력소가 된다고 생각합니다! 또, 영상에 나온 트와이스 지효와 이름이 같은 '지효'양의 꿈을 응원하고 싶습니다. 지효 양은 '로이디에츠증후군' 이라는 혈관 희귀 질환을 가지고 있는데요ㅜ, 학교생활도 제데로 못하고 치료에 매달렸던 지효양의 소원인 '트와이스와 만나기!'는 저와 같아서 특히 지효양에게 눈길이 갔습니다. 하지만 저는 지효양을 보고 든 생각이 저와 같은 사람보다 지효양과 같은 진심어린 도움이 필요한 친구들에게 소원이 이루어져 모든 것을 이겨내고 하루빨리 병원에서 나와 친구들과 뛰어놀면 좋겠다는 생각이 들었습니다. 지효양, 트와이스 누나들 만나서 꼭! 건강하세용ㅎㅎ 마지막에 나온 jyp기부사이트 활용법! 저도 참가해야겠습니다. 저도 지구, 바다를 위해 플라스틱, 비닐봉지 사용을 줄여나가는데 적극 동참하겠습니다! Every Dream Matters, jyp edm과 아티스트들 화이팅!

  • suu22

    난치병 아이들의 소원을 들어주고 그 후로 아이들의 치료율이 올라간다는게 증명된 점이 너무 흥미롭네요 많은 아이들의 소원을 이루어주고 아픈 아이들이 줄고 행복했으면 좋겠네욤 ㅠㅠ

  • lore


  • 溫nancy


  • elsaulzc ll
    elsaulzc ll

    Grande , Jyp y Sana.

  • momo momo
    momo momo

    jyp is the best 💙

  • momo momo
    momo momo


  • Lesly

    sana is sweetheart

  • gary wang
    gary wang

    哇 有Sana

  • e 98
    e 98

    As a fan of JYP Entertainment and their artists, the charity work they’ve done really does put a smile to my face. They’re not perfect, but they do have a good side.

  • {슼둥스} 천재
    {슼둥스} 천재

    Lmao at those who fall into this man’s trick 🤣

  • Yongbok Sunshine
    Yongbok Sunshine

    Daebak!! I thought wooyoung is taecyeon from the thumbnail

  • justarmyonce ʕ•ع•ʔ
    justarmyonce ʕ•ع•ʔ

    but serious question, where can I buy the bottle

  • Asmaaa Stay
    Asmaaa Stay

    Thank u Jypnation

  • jihyung ha
    jihyung ha


  • I am Egg
    I am Egg

    EDM is a good program 👍 i wish someday jype will have anti-cyber bullying for jype artists program

  • amareli benitez
    amareli benitez

    Seré sincera casi no veo videos así por qué me pongo a llorar :( pero me alegra saber que JPY sea una empresa que quiera y puede ayudar a personas de diversas maneras y que irá creciendo un poco más siempre para apoyar a más gente, tanto a personas del extranjero

    • DylanSIMOG TG
      DylanSIMOG TG


  • Kei


  • Hind Rare
    Hind Rare

    Thank you jyp 🤍🤍

  • 금산댁

    항상보면 박진영님은 정신이 건강 하신것 같아요 우리 사회의모범이 되어 주세요 항상 응원 합니다^*^ 멋지셔요~

  • Deep Dude
    Deep Dude

    JYP my love for you is real. 🥰

  • Deep Dude
    Deep Dude


  • Bell Rock
    Bell Rock

    진영이형 저 이번에 결혼하는데 결혼식 안무로 형 춤을 추고싶은데 도저히 형 느낌이 안나요 ㅠㅠ 도와주세요!

  • Lesly

    i am here for sana but good video

  • Carine Barelaud
    Carine Barelaud

    This is so nice.❤ Sana is so cute when she do : "hmm..." 😂

  • Marsuri Marsuri
    Marsuri Marsuri


  • Amanda Marins
    Amanda Marins

    Que bonitinho... A Sana tá lindaaaa❤️ once de coração ❤️

  • 이경선


  • ぱぴぽ先輩


  • hunoohoon

    good job ~~!!! that`s great!!!

  • Rivera Díaz Mariana Isabel
    Rivera Díaz Mariana Isabel

    Si lo pensamos como empresa enserio económicamente administran muy entendible los recursos al punto de poder tener obras como las que demuestran aquí además del pago de traductores, agentes, todo personal dentro de la empresa más personal encargado de cada artista y los artistas... Wow mis felicitaciones enserio a los contadores, jyp por tomar en cuenta eso y al personal que vuelve todo realidad (además de traductores gracias)🥳🥳🤓🤓

  • ᴘᴀʀᴛʏ ɢɢᴜᴋ
    ᴘᴀʀᴛʏ ɢɢᴜᴋ

    Jypheheheh ~~~ 새해 복 많이 받으세요 ~

  • pikanoob

    JYP: Every dream matters! Also JYP: * keeps running survival shows*

  • Sya ran
    Sya ran

    2人ともニットベストでペアみたい素敵 JYPも素敵 ファンたちもある意味協力できてるのも素敵 ずっと続いてるけど、大きくなって変な方向には行かないこと祈ってます!

  • Mel Gi
    Mel Gi

    I wish I could mention @BigHit jajaja is not to critic them but since they are getting bigger I think JYP is a good example of how they can reach other aspect I mean they already do the Love Myself campaign with BTS but maybe doing something as HYBE well as far as I know there is none but maybe like JYP is private if even one knows let me know :)

  • Mika renisha
    Mika renisha

    JYP Oppa when hyunjin will come back🥺





  • 김준수

    저는 트와이스가 있는것만으로도 제 꿈을향한도전에 도움이 되고있습니다.

  • 蔡家維 Patrick
    蔡家維 Patrick


  • Maritza Villamizar Ruiz
    Maritza Villamizar Ruiz

    I'm glad Stray Kids can be part of this proyect, besides they're a great boy group they've demonstrated to be a kind-hearted guys.

  • Sabina Morales
    Sabina Morales


  • 박춘화

    박진영 피디님최고입니다

  • Raeyn Rezqi
    Raeyn Rezqi

    Sana is so cute.

  • Cristhian Pizarro
    Cristhian Pizarro

    Sana like: mmmmm mmmmm mmmm

  • Dalila Baltazar
    Dalila Baltazar

    ¡Espero que en el futuro sucedan muchas cosas buenas!

  • Lab na Martinez
    Lab na Martinez

    I like that they get involved in this type of organization in favor of those who need it

  • Kazuya Kaneko
    Kazuya Kaneko

    Everyone, It’s wonderful~!!! 👏👏👏

  • Chisana UwU
    Chisana UwU

    Me encanta demasiado éste proyecto, es muy lindo que de alguna forma nosotros también podemos apoyar. Espero que pueda seguir creciendo y que pueda ayudar a las personas, todo sea para que sean felices.

  • Sabrina Denis
    Sabrina Denis

    It's really good that they care about supporting the children who need it most, I hope more companies did too

  • Laura Méndez
    Laura Méndez

    Espero que vengan muchas cosas positivas en el futuro y podamos seguir creciendo

    • Chisana UwU
      Chisana UwU

      Esperemos que sí, que a pesar de todas las cosas malas que han pasado, ésto siga adelante y siga apoyando a las personas, que todo mejore pronto.

  • Adriana Ríos Bermejo
    Adriana Ríos Bermejo

    Que bonita palabras, esperamos los niños puedan tener un mejor futuro con este tipo de programas.

  • Willianna

    JYP really cares about social and ecological issues and the way he managed to prepare all this incredible job makes my heart melt, people should appreciate this kind of content more often, remember it's about a cause not just the artist

  • Yesenia Balbuena
    Yesenia Balbuena

    Sana bebé

  • ONCEuponaTWICE 원스어펀어트와이스
    ONCEuponaTWICE 원스어펀어트와이스

    Now JYP is trying to have their own Entertainment TV talk show...

  • 292Sree Veda Prathapagiri
    292Sree Veda Prathapagiri

    I really like JYP thoughts and in my opinion he's thoughts are realistic...

  • ᄌᄌᄋ

    How many Once are here???

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