JUN. K (준케이) "30분은 거절할까 봐" M/V
JUN. K (준케이) "30분은 거절할까 봐" M/V
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  • Riz Jang
    Riz Jang

    I am so excited for the songs he wrote for 2PM in this year's comeback🔥🔥🔥🔥 GENIUS KIM MINJUN

  • Sui Generis
    Sui Generis

    i'm here because i miss 2PM soo much.... im still waiting patiently for your greatest comeback..

  • Rositsa Tsvetkova
    Rositsa Tsvetkova

    These songs are fire and deserve more recognition!!!!!!!

  • J V
    J V

    All his songs are masterpieces. Absolute masterpiece after masterpiece. Best of the best. The world must know him!

  • black pink
    black pink

    deserves more view

  • Larissa

    Não entendi foi nada da história

  • Khailaaa Anasss
    Khailaaa Anasss

    Love you

  • jihyung ha
    jihyung ha


  • 이정민

    너무 사랑해!!!!!!

  • ふんばりやTV


  • fatima v
    fatima v

    aww i really appreciate chan from stray kids for promoting this song :)!! im glad new listeners were introduced to this song 💛 its amazing

  • Kieu Bich
    Kieu Bich

    2pm comeback 2021???????

  • yrev

    I keep coming back to this. So good.

  • Lina Márquez Iligaray
    Lina Márquez Iligaray

    Amoooo desde Chile siempre hottest❤❤❤❤

  • Angger Bagas
    Angger Bagas


  • warmestmachine

    this is so refreshing

    • warmestmachine

      I can't listening to this, for real

  • Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS
    Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS

    Yok bisa

  • Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS
    Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS

    Kuy str34ming

  • siti ulfa
    siti ulfa

    me so touch watching the mv :'( good luck jun k 😭💗 you are really a suck of art

  • galaxy o2
    galaxy o2

    Finally 1.2M views

    • Merv C
      Merv C

      It took so long 😩

  • mina fathi
    mina fathi


  • •ララから•シ


  • Ares

    Lmao I'm just here cause I saw a post about creepy kpop concepts

  • MichelleEsteban Telan
    MichelleEsteban Telan

    Everyone stop sleeping on 2pm!!

    • Merv C
      Merv C

      For real.

  • 오늘도배가고프당

    한국인들 주접보려고 왔다가 영어 쏼라쏼라에서 내가 팝송뮤비를 틀었나 긴가민가했다 그래서 한국분들 다 어디갔어요 ㅠ ㅠ

  • かふ

    FIRST TAKEから来たHottestです🐼

  • * 너너
    * 너너


  • Moises John Barien
    Moises John Barien

    Why do JYPE individual artists lack promotion?

    • KP F
      KP F

      They do promotion live perfomance, but less people notice/ blow this up

  • Joyce Haddad
    Joyce Haddad

    What a great song and composer! Fr!

  • Raheem Ahmed
    Raheem Ahmed

    Your song is so good we Love it❤️

  • SinNombre

    I really love him!!! He have a beauty and sentimiental voice 😍😍😍

  • a.random.trash. passing.through
    a.random.trash. passing.through

    People have really been missing out for a long time

  • isabella macari
    isabella macari

    OO saudade que eu tava desse homi!!!

  • Mariam Hagh
    Mariam Hagh

    Damnn I absolutely love this music video

  • 爱ᴇʀɪɴ

    Istg the girl at the beginning looks like nayeon-

  • Vanshita Pampattiwar
    Vanshita Pampattiwar

    I am obsessed with this song. A true masterpiece and the vocals 👏 💙

  • Tatenda Chirozvi
    Tatenda Chirozvi

    My new obsession😍

  • Ezgi

    Of cok güzel

  • StAshleigh

    Oh my god, how did I not know about this song? Was this even promoted? Everything Jun K makes is incredible! Been a fan for over 10 years and he keeps getting better! 💕

    • galaxy o2
      galaxy o2

      No it's not promoted. the only song that was promoted in Korea was think about you can follow his IG account to know when his new song will be released and also his new japaneas album "THIS IS NOT A SONG "just released today.

  • annie chung
    annie chung


  • Jackeline Avila
    Jackeline Avila

    I was watching this for jun k but yo who’s the actor he seems so familiar 😭

  • Elisha Kitane
    Elisha Kitane

    More Songs to come Jun K!!

  • 사랑아_준호해

    뭐라해야 하는지는 모르겠지만 이런 분위기 너무 좋다...제대로 취저받는 곡😭😭

  • I'm a mess Thank you
    I'm a mess Thank you

    Why am I only now becoming just obsessed with this song? I have listened to it around 10 times over the course of about 3 days. I am perfectly fine if you're asking.

  • 이용빈

    어제 올리브영에서 흘러나오길래 냅다 빵댕이 흔듦.. 컴백 기다리고 있습니다 둑비앰 선배님들

  • زهور تتساقط
    زهور تتساقط

    هذا ويش بالضبط؟؟

  • 吉田淳子


    • 吉田淳子


    • 吉田淳子

      @미숫가루 アンニョンハセヨ🌸JUN.Kシの、曲を聴いていたら奪ってもらいたい気持ちよ❤️コロナのストレスも緩和されます。JUN.Kシ好き❤️

    • 미숫가루

      @吉田淳子 こちらこそ会話ができて嬉しいです😁 私も最近この曲にハマってます!

    • 吉田淳子

      @미숫가루 カンサハムニダ、このように会話が、できて、とても嬉しいです😀毎日見てます。コマッスムニダ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • 미숫가루

      @吉田淳子 謝らないでください😂 これは私の解釈にすぎません!

  • \ Hottest
    \ Hottest

    3:16 右後ろの白い帽子の人がウヨンだよね?笑笑 오른쪽 뒤에 흰 모자 쓴 사람 이 용 연 이 죠.😂😂

  • Merv C
    Merv C

    Jun K every day.❤💣

  • black pink
    black pink


  • 결사찬성

    20분.. 10분은 짧고 30분은 길다는게 너무 좋다

  • 이용빈

    30분? 오히려 더 좋아...

  • kanishka goel
    kanishka goel

    Name of the actress

  • Rico Jerico
    Rico Jerico

    I'm here because, I miss them Jun K Taec Khun Wooyoung Junho Chanie I miss 2PM a lot

    • Merv C
      Merv C


  • Rico Jerico
    Rico Jerico

    My job for this day is Jun K nonstop!! This song and MV's so aesthetic!!

    • Merv C
      Merv C


  • {*jyp*} *sana*_
    {*jyp*} *sana*_


  • Soyachannn

    this song sound handsome, i love it :')

  • Sofia Sypher
    Sofia Sypher

    Эта песня возвращает меня в эру a.d.t.o.y 😭😭😭💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • BTS My world
    BTS My world

    Great 💜

  • 항상오후두시

    미쳣다고 노래 너무 좋아 😭😭 준케이 내가수 사랑합니다 💕❤

  • Grandma Stay
    Grandma Stay

    Good songgg

  • Merv C
    Merv C

    Hottest should be bumping this song until they comeback. It deserves so much more attention.❤

  • Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS
    Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS

    Keep str34ming !!

  • Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS
    Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS

    Gw ulang ulang terus soalnya lagunya enak

  • J V
    J V

    I can’t even count how many times I have watched this video! BRILLIANT! Jun.K’s outstanding vocal

  • Jin Yu
    Jin Yu

    새럼들아 이노래 들어봐라 쫄딱 반한다

  • 새라

    We miss 2Pm

  • Nour Alhajjeh
    Nour Alhajjeh

    So proud of him

  • 사랑아_준호해

    뭐라해야하지..간드러지는 목소리?너무 좋아ㅠㅠㅠ다른 가수들한테 흔히 들리는 목소리가 아니라서 더 기억에 잘 남는듯..

  • Rico Jerico
    Rico Jerico

    Jun K the genius one.!! That fact

  • Rico Jerico
    Rico Jerico

    Came here because i am JYPE stan. I miss so much to our great sunbae-nim. Can't wait for 2pm comeback in this years. I miss 2PM a lot!!

  • Sofa Biru
    Sofa Biru


  • Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS
    Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS

    Str34ming yang banyak yak

  • Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS
    Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS

    Absen yuk

  • Merv C
    Merv C

    The only thing better than this is when he sings it live❤

  • Pufulica Erika
    Pufulica Erika


  • fineimjessica

    This is so good

  • 바네요니BaneYoni

    한국인 어딨나요ㅠㅋ 역시 김민준 믿고듣는다:)

  • Reem algublan
    Reem algublan


  • 김서연

    한국 댓글은 어디간거야 ㄹㅇ 노래 가사 그냥 다 미쳤어

  • Merv C
    Merv C

    Soooo good. Jun K your voice is so beautiful❤

  • Evy Pospita Sari
    Evy Pospita Sari

    Jun. K, I click 😉

  • Danni Tinz
    Danni Tinz

    I saw someone said that this is the continuation of the my house mv lmao

  • Faq Kuuu
    Faq Kuuu

    Can we just get it to 2M!!!!!

  • Nito Noei
    Nito Noei

    I come here everyday to support u MinJun🤍

  • Fiction Addiction
    Fiction Addiction


  • not very civil
    not very civil

    As a stay who is also a hottest, i hope stays, onces, midzys, mydays and hopefully ahgases can help support ot6 2pm. Lets let them continue their amazing careers

    • Only stan crazy talented grps aka bts and jypnation
      Only stan crazy talented grps aka bts and jypnation

      yes jypnation stans fighting

  • 송백찬

    염소!!♡너 많이 컸다~~♡!

  • 브로콜리

    미친 개좋아

  • Samuel Raji
    Samuel Raji

    I can hear half air half sound. Lmao

  • Maizatul Afiqah
    Maizatul Afiqah

    I love the plot twist so much

  • pinkmin

    JUN. K My best singer

    • 사랑아_준호해

  • 2단옆차기

    넌 6년전?염소야!!

  • Sudhish Rav
    Sudhish Rav

    Whats the name of the actress?

  • galaxy o2
    galaxy o2

    Every day i have a meal here

  • Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS
    Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS

    Yok str34ming

  • Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS
    Tukang mulung sampah JYP ent, HYBE LABELS

    Miss jun.k

  • Merv C
    Merv C

    I find myself singing this song all the time. It stays in my mind constantly. Thank you for your music Jun K.

  • Ain Amirah
    Ain Amirah

    jun.k and 2pm never dissapointed me.. their music, song, mv, voice, lyric and even their acting in drama..

  • Ain Amirah
    Ain Amirah

    I miss Jun.K so much

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